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Donation Based Online Class Membership

To adapt and manage through this challenging time, we’ve decided to offer a donation-based online membership that provides access to 100+ on-demand classes, routines, and tutorials.

As our students know, we’ve never been about profit or prestige. We won’t have fancy microphones, software, or cameras, and we cannot promise professional backdrops, fantastic lighting, or perfect videos. What we can guarantee is honesty, transparency, support, acceptance, integrity, and genuine passion. 

We know that the vibe might be a bit different. Still, our mission will always remain the same—to provide a transformational experience, an outlet for expression, a supportive atmosphere, an opportunity to do something new and beautiful, and a chance to fall in love with your body—exactly as it is. 

Online class memberships will provide access to on-demand classes for 30 days from the date of your donation.

Once your donation registration is submitted below, please request access to the private online group here


Donation Based Online Class Membership
*100+ On-Demand Classes*

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