Kenosha - Joy

Joy - Instructor, Miss Pole Kenosha

Certification & Instruction: Miss Pole Certified - Pole 1-2, Aerial 3-5, Lap 1-2, Burlesque, and Stretch & Strengthen.

I was born and raised in the Chicago metropolitan area and attended college at Carthage to teach Chemistry, but ended up working in the industry rather than the school system. I now live in Kenosha with my husband, and our dog. Eventually, I hope to become a Professor of Chemistry and to travel as often as I can.

Originally, it was not my idea to visit Miss Pole for the first time. Being rather shy, I was not excited for my pole fitness bachelorette party at Miss Pole, but we ended up having a lot of fun! Shortly after, I signed up for classes and four years later here I am as an Instructor.

The thing I love about pole is goal moves; you know what you want to do, you put in the work to get there, and then bam visible goal achievement!

As an Instructor, I’m definitely more on the ‘fitness’ side of Pole rather than the Performance side. I'm always working to elevate my technique, enhance my choreography skills, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and I encourage students to do the same. 

I enjoy supporting our community and have volunteered as a Docent (tour guide) at Hazelwood Historic House; it is the site where the Constitution of Wisconsin was signed. Check it out if you're ever in Green Bay. In my spare time I hone my nerd skills: reading, playing Pathfinder (DnD & other tabletop RPGS), planning parties, going to Sci-Fi Conventions, sewing, learning new languages (currently working on Japanese), and fixing up my house.

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”― Albert Einstein