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So many reasons to work for Miss Pole, so few positions. Our ladies are Smart. Talented. Energetic. Uplifting. Encouraging. Hard-working. And loads of fun. Now let's consider our line of work. Pole dancing. Lap Dancing. Burlesque. Fitness. Empowerment. Enough said. Miss Pole is exhilarating, challenging and rewarding, and most of all, it's fun! Who doesn't want a 'job' like that?

Miss Pole has both part time positions and internships available. You can be considered for participation in our internship program if you are a full-time student at any four year, accredited, U.S. college or university.  As a candidate under consideration for an internship, you will need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and demonstrate the ability to have a blast while working hard!

Interested in becoming a Miss Pole Instructor? If you're interested in becoming a Miss Pole - Pole Fitness Instructor, please register for the upcoming Miss Pole Instructor Certification Informational Session: 
Date: Saturday, June 17th
Time: Noon
Location: Miss Pole - Brookfield
17800 W. Bluemound Rd. Brookfield, WI 53045

Miss Pole will be granting multiple subsidies and scholarships for the 2017 Instructor Certification Program, specifically for individuals interested in teaching for Miss Pole. One full scholarship, valued at $3000, will also be awarded. To apply, please complete the optional scholarship application as part of the Information Sessions Registration form. Scholarship recipients will be notified during the information session on June 17th. Register Now!

Miss Pole - Studio Manager, Madison: As a Miss Pole Studio Manager, you must combine your pleasant personality with your dynamic professional skills to maintain an awesome work environment while overseeing every aspect of the day-to-day management for the studio location. You will act as the ‘face’ of Miss Pole to ensure that every single student, or prospective student, receives a sincere and heartwarming welcome to the studio and has a positive experience at Miss Pole! 

In addition to superior customer service, you rock at:
  • opening and closing studio location
  • developing, managing, and revising a three month class schedule
  • staffing instructors for classes, outside events, pole parties, and workshops
  • registering new and existing students for upcoming classes
  • auditing studio attendance and registrations records
  • answering phone calls and emails to assist with a variety of questions or requests
  • dealing with inquiries, complaints and emergencies
  • preparing announcements, for instructors, to highlight promotions or incentives
  • promoting and marketing Miss Pole
  • exceeding registration targets and merchandise sales goals
  • keeping the studio in immaculate condition (instructors and students roll around on the floor; the studio must be in pristine condition at all times)
  • listing, empathizing and solving problems
  • managing, auditing, and ordering inventory 
Required skill and / or willingness to: 
  • become a level 1 - Miss Pole Certified Instructor 
  • obtain First Aid / CPR certification
Working Hours:
  • minimum required working hours are from Monday thru Thursday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm and one four hour weekend shift (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). 
  • studio managers may be required to cover events or instructor absences. 
  • some locations offer a Studio Manager Job Share Program.
Interested in becoming a Miss Pole Studio Manager?
Questions? Contact Patricia Regner for more information. To apply, send a brief cover letter (indicating why you are the right person for this role) and resume, subject line "Studio Manager" to patricia@misspole.com.

Miss Pole - Instructor (Three Openings at Miss Pole - Kenosha, Two Openings Miss Pole Brookfield, Two openings Miss Pole Madison): A Miss Pole Fitness Instructor is responsible for leading multiple group fitness classes that range in variety and levels from Pole Fitness to Sexy Stretch. This includes counting, cueing, organizing choreography, and much more.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:
  • provide amazing customer service and a safe and fun environment for our students
  • ability to organize / manage multiple 6 week lesson plans 
  • promote knowledge of proper group fitness components, i.e.: warm up, course content, flexibility, cool down, etc.
  • knowledgeable in techniques and dynamics of Group Fitness
  • maintain proper use of Miss Pole equipment and facilities
  • desire to expand abilities around Pole fitness through ongoing participation in continuing education (when available)
Required Skills and Qualifications:
  • completion of Miss Pole Instructor Certification Program 
  • obtain First Aid / CPR certification
Interested in becoming a Miss Pole Insturctor?
Questions? Contact Patricia Regner for more information. To apply, send a brief cover letter (indicating why you are the right person for this role) and resume, subject line "Instructor" to patricia@misspole.com.

Miss Pole - Marketing Intern: We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join our team and provide creative ideas to help achieve our marketing goals. You will have administrative duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies. You will collaborate with our team in all stages of marketing campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our marketing channels. 

  • collect / analyze data from marketing campaigns
  • perform market analysis and research on competition
  • assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail, print, and web)
  • prepare promotional presentations
  • distribute marketing materials and organize marketing events
Required skill and / or willingness to: 
  • strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  • solid understanding of different marketing techniques
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • familiarity with marketing computer software and online applications (e.g. Online analytics and Google Adwords)
Working Hours / Locations:
  • position can be based out of the Brookfield, Kenosha, or Madison 
  • a minimum of 10 hours per week is required for this role. 
Interested in becoming a Miss Pole Marketing Intern?
Questions? Contact Patricia Regner for more information. To apply, send a brief cover letter (indicating why you are the right person for this role) and resume, subject line "Marketing Intern" topatricia@misspole.com.