Alex: Instructor - MP Madison

I have been taking classes at Miss Pole since October 2014.  Growing up I was heavily involved in activities such as tennis, soccer, and dance.  As a student-athlete at UW-Madison, I was unable to participate in or try new activities. While obtaining my undergraduate degree at UW-Madison, I had received many emails for promotions and classes at Miss Pole.  It wasn’t until after I had finished my career as a student-athlete and earned my degrees that I truly had the opportunity to give pole dancing a try.  I distinctly remember the feeling I had after my first class of Pole 1- it was unlike anything I had ever done before- I felt sexy, empowered, and most of all, I had fun!  Pole has challenged both my mind and body in ways that other activities never have before.  It is my hope to not only share my love of pole with others, but to challenge my future students to push their minds and bodies in ways they may never have before.  When I’m not as Miss Pole, I am working as a Clinical Research Analyst.  My other hobbies include running, yoga, training for a 1/2 Ironman, soccer, and cooking! 

Britne: Instructor - MP Brookfield
My name is Britne and I’m an instructor at Miss Pole. When I lived in Kenosha, I attended classes for about 2 years. I absolutely loved how good pole made me feel about myself. I’ve never felt graceful or sexy before and pole instantly changed that. I also really loved the strength that I could see in just a matter of months. After I moved to Milwaukee I purchased a pole for my apartment however I stopped attending classes. When I found out Miss Pole was looking for instructors I jumped in and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I’ve been teaching a little over a year now and it’s the most rewarding jobs I feel there is. What I enjoy most about working with Miss Pole are the changes I see in Level 1 students by the sixth week. When most students first walk in, they are unsure and shy and they always transform into the sexy and strong versions of themselves that I feel they have always wanted to be! Yes, it is hard but nothing worth doing is easy and teaching as definitely helped me with patience, determination, motivation, and positive self-feedback. When I’m not at Miss Pole I can usually be found studying! I’m currently a MSOE nursing student. While I may be 24 as a freshman in college it’s never too late to take a risk and start something you will never regret!

Jen: Instructor - MP Brookfield

I started at Miss Pole as a student in 2012 because I was looking for a FUN way exercise!  After 5 years as a student, I finally became an instructor.  I was at Miss Pole all the time, might as well get paid for it! What started out as a fun way to workout became a decision that changed my life. I thought I was just starting some new workout routine to get in shape and lose weight.  And yes, I did.  But I discovered I was already sexy with the curves I had.  I learned that confidence is sexier than any size or shape.  And I found a world where women encourage, support and celebrate one another.  I love that there is always a new move to learn, a new small attainable goal to work towards… a goal that becomes another little victory that propels you forward. 9 to 5, I am a contract manager for an insurance company.  I also do flying trapeze, trampoline and other circus arts.  I am a crazy cat lady and I love Star Wars.  I love to cook and grill (and eat!).  I could live in the wilderness for a week with the stuff I have in my purse! I love to commit random acts of kindness. I am passionate in everything I do. And I look for the magic and mystery in everyday life.
Kate H: Instructor - MP Brookfield

I guess you could call me one of Miss Pole’s OGs, I also answer to Kate. I began taking pole classes in early 2010 following a bachelorette party, and started training as an instructor shortly after. Almost 7 years later, I’m still spinning, climbing, making bad jokes, and enjoying my time empowering each woman who walks through our studio doors. Knowing the other women who make up the Miss Pole family of instructors, I’m willing to bet that my next statement will be echoed (copycats) – the most rewarding part of instructing is to see students achieve their goals. There are enough voices in the world telling you not to do things and so many stigmas that can beat down a woman’s spirit. I grew up in the 90’s wanting to be Baby Spice, the Girl Power is strong in this one. When I’m not at Miss Pole, I can’t tell you where to find me because I’m not quite sure either. My “big girl career” is in corporate retail, but on the weekends it’s hard to tie me down. I love to travel, and will run away for an adventure any chance I get. Music and the amazing people around it are a huge part of my life, so chances are if there’s a rock show or festival going on, you will find me there supporting my friends. I’m also a huge nerd at heart and enjoy game nights, cosplay, comics, video games, cartoons, etc. I have a pitbull who looks like a marshmallow, and two cats: one with a mustache and bad attitude, and a black cat I adopted on a full moon Friday the 13th. I like pole dancing, peanut butter, sunshine, adventures, my squad, coffee, this dude in eyeliner, tattoos, pizza, time with my family, a good artisan cheeseboard, mini golf, and anything that can make me laugh. 

Kate L, aka Lady Kate: Instructor - MP Madison

In discovering Miss Pole, I discovered an entirely new way to embrace myself.  I began seeing myself for what I can DO - not just my physique.  I began understanding that another woman’s awesomeness does not detract from my own. Through pole I have gained confidence, friendships, emotional and physical strength, goals, and happiness. I love instructing because I love creating a space for women to be sexy, hot, and confident together!  I create a sisterhood atmosphere by giving my students the tools they need to empower themselves and support their pole sisters. As a UW-Madison Gender & Women’s Studies Alumna, my background in working with groups of women extends beyond my education.  I taught sexual/reproductive health to health promoters in Lunga Lunga, Kenya, where I learned about the importance of body language, especially among women.  Locally, I volunteered as a Lead Support Group Facilitator at a women’s shelter.  This experience taught me how to finesse group dynamics and provide a safe space for women to open up with others. When I’m not at Miss Pole, I’m planning my next big global adventure, managing a local downtown bar, or at the gym with the Pole PT.  Pole has molded me into the woman I hoped to be someday - a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and not intimidated by the success of others.  I hope to facilitate the beginning of this journey for others - the journey of self love, self care, and self discovery.

Keri: Office Manager, Instructor - MP Kenosha
I have been an instructor at Miss Pole since November 2014, and have poled since June 2014. I have always thought of myself as an active person, having a strong background in soccer. I love trying new workouts, but the only workout that ever clicked was Poling. I discovered Pole after attending a bachelorette party. At the party, I was given my stripper name, Tequila, and Tequila woke up the next day to find her whole body aching! That’s when I realized what a great workout Pole Fitness was. That is also the day I fell in love… Now, here I am! I took Pole level 1 and level 2 multiple times before being comfortable enough to invert or climb. With my very first invert, a light bulb went off (or maybe I kicked it?), I wanted to teach Pole. I was too nervous to tell my family; they didn’t even know I was a student. They thought I was going to the gym… A gym with pretty heels, sexy music, and amazing women! It was a year before I finally “came out” to my family. I told them how encouraging the women were, and how confident it made me feel in my own body. After that, I felt liberated and free! Pole is my therapy. Outside of the studio, I love painting, drawing, crafting and eating lots of pasta. I am a furmommy of a dog, a cat, and two pet rats. When I am not at Miss Pole, I am a full time 4-year old kindergarten teacher, and I am attending graduate school for a Master in Education and reading license. My favorite quote, “You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.”

Lillian: Instructor - Madison

My name is Lillian and most call me Lilly. One day (a few year ago), I decided I wanted to try something different and fun, so I signed up for my first Miss Pole class! I pushed myself, out of my shell, and went to a class by myself and I am so happy I did. I met some wonderful women who were from all different backgrounds who came together and supported each other. In the process, I learned to dance, I get an amazing workout not only with the pole but also the wall, floor, chair, lap, and even the occasional random street sign when I’m out with friends. I’ve learned to walk in heels, without looking like a giraffe or falling on my face, and I feel comfortable with my body. Starting pole was one of the most incredible experiences, which is why I wanted to become an Instructor. Dance has always been a part of my culture; I grew up in the dancing world. I was in ballet, tap and jazz for ten years. As a teenager, I really got into running and ran two full marathons in Hawaii. Naturally, Pole fit right into my dance and fitness world. Pole has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined. I encourage you to try a class, allow yourself to open up to a different community of supportive individuals, and to have fun! There are few things that I look forward to more than going to Miss Pole each week.

Patricia Regner: Owner

I’m a Certified Pole Fitness Instructor, a registered Yoga Instructor, and a certified Zumba Instructor, and I am the owner of Miss Pole, a wife to my amazing husband, and a mother of three awesome kids!  I’ve always tried to stay active, but fitness never “inspired” me. I always enjoyed the workout that Pole offers, but I fell in love with something else. What really inspired me was finding a way to accept and appreciate my body - exactly as it is. Working at Miss Pole allows me to see physical transformations that include everything from increased strength and endurance to muscle toning and weight loss. But that’s not why I love what I do. Being able to touch people’s lives on a daily basis and seeing their transformation makes doing what I love absolutely gratifying. Our classes aren’t about how to become someone that someone else would desire or how to look sexy in lingerie; they are about YOU finding yourself… beautiful, desirable, and lovable. It’s about discovering what brings you to life and what makes you feel sexy from the inside out. It’s about getting out of your head and becoming completely accepting. Miss Pole is starting its twelfth year, through the years, I’ve done everything from taxes to scrubbing toilets. And through all of this, opening Miss Pole taught me to follow my intuition and to do what fells right. Miss Pole may never be the largest or most profitable studio, but the doors will always be open to women looking for a safe, supportive and encouraging environment where they can get a great workout, let loose, and learn to love and appreciate the body that they have.

Regan: Instructor - MP Madison

I started teaching at the Madison Studio in August 2015. I’ve been an athlete much longer than I’ve been a dancer. Only through pole have I found an inspiration in myself that I never knew was there. I started in college with a coed club. When I moved to Madison, I googled “Pole Studio” and began taking classes at Miss Pole. What kept me coming back was the ability to build upon what I’d learned week by week, and the loving, embracing community I found here. Instructing is one of my favorite things in the world. I have the fortuity to inspire, encourage, and share my art with so many amazing people. I thoroughly believe that through pole, we can create a community of acceptance, women building each other up, and badassery that is unlike any other. I love to see students grow, laugh with me, and master previously inconceivable things! I like to give context and lots of variations because everyone is on their very own unique pole journey. We all have different levels of athleticism and / or dance ability (or in my case, at first, zero dance ability). Learning and perfecting moves takes time and practice and we’re all the better for it. When I’m not at Miss Pole, I am at my desk job, singing in choir, freestyle poling at home, doing yoga (usually with my cat, Mozart), or enjoying the natural beauty Madison has to offer.  

Tiffany: Instructor - MP Brookfield

 I began taking pole classes a couple years back, at Miss Pole, as part of a New Year’s resolution. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, build arm strength, and make a few new friends. Since I've begun this adventure, my self-esteem and confidence have grown enormously. This is one of the reason I've encouraged so many friends to try a class and why I ultimately wanted to become an Instructor at Miss Pole. We live in a world that puts so many unreasonable expectations on women and their bodies, but none of them exist at Miss Pole. It’s inspiring to see women from different places in their lives come together to accept and cheer each other on week after week. When I’m not at Miss Pole, I can be found spending time with my dog, Gus (the most handsome French bulldog in the world), attempting to create the best gluten free cupcake ever, or writing my bio to promise you that you NEED pole classes in your life!

Valerie: Director of Sales & Operations, Master Instructor - MP Brookfield

Growing up a tomboy, I never expected to be a polefessional by the age of 18. The world works in mysterious ways. I began my pole dancing career right out of high school. Spinning day and night was all I could think of. I finally saved up enough money to purchase my very own pole and worked all hours of the night perfecting my moves. In 2011, I was scrolling through Facebook, and I discovered the magical land of poles! Miss Pole! It was fate. I started working for Miss Pole, as the Brookfield Office Manager, in 2011 and haven’t left since. I worked my way up quickly and eventually became a Miss Pole - Master Instructors. I work closely with all of our instructors and students to ensure we have a safe and encouraging learning environment. Miss Pole is family that I am glad to be a part of. The most enjoyable part of my position is getting to watch the students and instructors grow and develop. The transformations from week one to week six are astounding to watch. Women open up and bloom into emotional and confident creatures. It is truly a one of a kind experience, that I am grateful to be a part of. Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing the new and unfamiliar. Life is about trying new things; step out of your comfort zone and onto a pole!