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Aerialist, Performer, Model, Instructor, Kinesiologist

Elizabeth is a principle cast member of the Girl Next Door Show, a member of Kelly Yvonne Production Company and a member of the Music of Ghosts Aerialist group. 

Elizabeth holds a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on biomechanics and coaching psychology. She is also a certified EMT, holds a black belt in American Kenpo, an ACE certified personal trainer and holds a level two calisthenics certification with the World Calisthenics Organization.

Dedicated and passionate about the aerial arts she is eager to share her knowledge and experience to help students unlock their potential and reach new levels of strength and skill.

The FULL DAY PASS: Saturday, February 24th, 10 AM - 3 PM,  $195
The Full Day Pass includes all three 90 minute workshops at a discounted rate! Join us for Floor & Flow, Cabaret & Acro Chair, and the essential workshop, for all polers, Pole Conditioning! - 3 Openings

FLOOR & FLOW: Saturday, February 24th, from 10 AM to 11:30 AM, $65
Whether a seasoned pole enthusiast or new to the sport we can all improve our Glow and transitions both on the floor and when transitioning between the pole and floor. This workshop is suitable for all levels and will focus on finding fluidity both on and off the floor. Learn how to play to your strengths and find your own personal flow. - 2 Openings

CABARET & ACRO CHAIR: Saturday, February 24th, from 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM, $60
You will never look at a simple folding chair the same after taking this workshop! Learn an entire cabaret chair dance that will turn that folding chair into a super sexy prop. This workshop combines sexy and sultry moves with acrobatic feats to culminate in a sizzling display of your inner diva. Suitable for all levels. Long pants or leg warmers are recommended. - 2 Openings

POLE CONDITIONING WITH RUBBER BANDITZ: Saturday, February 24th, from 1:30 PM to 3 PM, $85
Whether you are brand new to pole or a seasoned veteran conditioning for pole is essential. This pole conditioning workshop will give you the tools to take your pole skills to the next level. The key to mastering all the pole tricks and combos on your bucket list is to increase your strength and flexibility by doing regular conditioning exercises. Once you are able to reach a certain level of strength and flexibility you can do just about any trick or combo that is thrown at you. In this workshop you will learn conditioning exercises to help you move to that next level in pole. You’ll be shown how to use RubberBanditz resistance bands to assist in training so as to accelerate the time it takes you to attain strength for moves like your handspring and aerial dead lift.  
2 Openings

**This workshop is essential for all levels of polers from the newbie to the pro. Includes neon pink robust resistance band from Rubber Banditz**

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Friday, August 4th at Miss Pole - Brookfield
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